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Brand: AmyTrim
Category: Weight Loss
Type: Pill
Official Site: AmyTrim
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Does AmyTrim work? Is AmyTrim a Scam? Find out the truth behind AmyTrim and what consumers have to say.

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AmyTrim Review

The supplement manufactured by a company called AmyTrim is designed to help individuals lose weight by increasing energy levels and helping them to control cholesterol levels. The owner of the company, Amy Robinson, claims that she was overweight for more than 30 years before she finally came up with a solution to her problem. The owner also claims that she tried 25 other weight loss solutions that did not work before she finally lost weight with her formula.

The official website for AmyTrim lists the ingredients contained in the supplement and form all indications despite the claims that this formula is so much better than others the ingredients do not seem to be much different than those in similar products.

AmyTrim Ingredients

Garcinia Cambodgia Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Glucomanne Powder, Wakame Extract, and Carthamus Seed Oil Extract


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AmyTrim Reviews - Does AmyTrim Really Work?

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