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Ciatra Male Enhancement Pill Reviews
Brand: Ciatra
Category: Male Enhancement
Type: Pill
2.0/5 (25 votes total)

Does Ciatra work? Is Ciatra a Scam? Find out the truth behind Ciatra and what consumers have to say.

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Ciatra Review

Ciatra is the original formula based on the latest American technological research. It acts like a famous prescription drug, but in a more complete manner, since each and every dose contributes to the regeneration of the erection process.

Ciatra blocks the production of a specific enzyme (catalized proteins). Thereafter, sexual stimulation discharges nitrogen monoxide in the erectile tissue automatically activating the erectile mechanism. This is the scientific explanation, but the concrete results are the most solid erections you’ll ever experience!

With Ciatra you will feel a pleasant feeling of warmth in your manhood and an uncontrollable desire to make love will submerge you. You will see a noticeable difference of up to 5 inches on the length. It will keep on getting bigger every time you use Ciatra.


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Ciatra Reviews - Does Ciatra Really Work?

Yes, did not work for me and sadly I now get 2-3 solicitations in the mail for other products of this type. I have learned to spot them before opening and now just toss them in the trash. They can piss away their money but it won't work with me.

Robert Mac Farlane on 2013-11-29
Ciatra did not work for me... the company did not return my money and custemor service was rude

jose on 2013-07-24
I ordered Ciatra like many others thinking it will improve my sex life and give me harder erections. This product is CRAP! It did nothing for me! When they say something is too good to be true, it usually is. I also tried Make Mine Grow and to my surprise, I gained 4 inches in just 2 weeks. Make Mine Grow is the best male enhancement I ever used and trust me I've used plenty. Thanks you Make Mine Grow!!!! Return Ciatra capsules for a refund guys!!

maxwell on 2012-11-25
Ciatra is CRAP CRAP. It doesn't work

GEORGE RAY JORDAN JR on 2012-04-26
I've been using Ciatra for a week now, can't say that I have seen any gain as of yet, but it has only been a week. I can say my erections have been harder, and I last longer, and add stating the pleasant warmth in our manhood, lasted for the first 3 days. None the less, I bought them and will finish them to see if anything happens. Personally, I don't think I am going to see any gains. May repost later when I'm done with my second bottle and let you all know.

Mark McCollum on 2012-03-28
I've been taking Ciatra male enhancement pills for 2 weeks now but no luck. I think I will return it for a refund. I think I'll give Make Mine Grow a try. It has really positive feedback.

todd frey on 2012-03-13
I ordered CIATRA last week. Will keep you guys posted on results.

Larry Fryer on 2012-03-12

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