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FCX-Thin Weight Loss Pill Reviews
Brand: FOMDI
Category: Weight Loss
Type: Pill
2.6/5 (21 votes total)

Does FCX-Thin work? Is FCX-Thin a Scam? Find out the truth behind FCX-Thin and what consumers have to say.

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FCX-Thin Review

FCX-Thin is a relative new dietary supplement. The company behind this so called miracle pill is FOMDI. For those that don't know, tis company has been responsible for selling many weight loss supplements online. Unfortunately, not many of it's best sellers have great reviews. That being said, lets look at some of the claims they are making.

The biggest and boldest claim states that FCX-Thin "produces a weight loss of around 1 pound per day and sometimes more". Surprisingly there are no medical studies to support this claim. In addition, its been proven by many doctors that extreme weight loss methods, such as 1 lb per day, its very dangerous for your body which can lead to many negative side effects in the long run.

Also stating that you will lose your saddlebags "totally" is absolute impossible. There is not weight loss pill out there that is effective for all. Everyone is different when it comes to losing weight.

FCX-Thin Ingredients

Fucoxanthin (also known as Seaweed Extract, Undaria Pinnatifida, fuco, fucothin)

** Things to note: Medical studies show that Fucoxanthin does not appear to reduce fat loss quickly, it can take up to 5-16 weeks of 5mg or more in order for fat burning effects to occur. So making claims that you can lose 1 lb per day is a big lie.

vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8, A, C and E.


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FCX-Thin Reviews - Does FCX-Thin Really Work?

I did not lose ONE SINGLE POUND!!!!! I also had headaches, but decided to keep on with the fight, thinking that perhaps it only needed more time, to work for me. I just called to RETURN all of my unused product, to get a full refund. GUESS WHAT! They told me that I was over my "60 Day Guarantee Period," by 11 days, & that they could NOT send me my refund. WHAT A JOKE!!!! Screwed again, and I didn't even get a kiss. TERRIBLE way to handle customers!

Barbara Hamons on 2014-04-09

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