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Brand: GI Pure
Category: Weight Loss
Type: Pill
Official Site: GI Pure
2.4/5 (90 votes total)

Does GI Pure work? Is GI Pure a Scam? Find out the truth behind GI Pure and what consumers have to say.

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GI Pure Review

GI PURE burns off at leat 10 pounds in the very 1st week, 6 pounds in week two and every week thereafter! no broken promises no exercises NO effort no side effects no diets no risk.

The GI diet is certainly not just another fad. It’s been popular in France and mainland Europe for years, and you can be sure that if you can stick to the food lists, guidelines and rules it’s sure to work. But if you are like many hundreds of thousands who don’t have the willpower to stick to diets or exercise regimes, then GI PURE is the answer.

Scientists have invented a way to pack the GI diet benefits into a capsule! Finally, there is no need to watch what you eat or be embarrassed by sweating it out at the gym. Instead, you can continue to eat normally, taking your GI PURE as prescribed. In as little as 24 hours, you’ll feel the difference, your clothes will get looser, because your body will be shrinking millions of fat cells each and every day!


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GI Pure Reviews - Does GI Pure Really Work?

Please be truthful when you sell a product. I no longer want this GI Pure pill and will not pay for it. So, cancel any more that may be coming my way and I want a refund for the first, and last, bottle. If not, I will take you and your lies to the courts. Refund my money now, or we will see you in court.

Lynn Stehr on 2015-01-30
Have not used GI Pure. Type 2 diabetic. Live in Sanford Colorado area.

Cleo Crowther on 2014-07-16
I have taken 60 capsules. Not lost a single pound. Was going to contact the company, but found no email. I wouldn\'t recumbent this product.

B Edmondson on 2014-01-10
I agree with everyone this does NOT work.

T fischer on 2014-01-05
I'm waiting for my order to come and work it's magic on my stubborn last 20 lbs. Wish I had read the reviews before I ordered, but I will review once I take them. Fingers crossed. 79 yo grandmother.

L Peterson on 2012-09-24
I ordered these pills last summer and they did nothing for me. To my surprise, I received literature again this week. No thank you Gi Pure. I'll pass from getting scammed a second time. Has anyone tried Xtreme Fat Loss mentioned above? I did some research on the internet and the reviews are very impressive. Everyone that has ordered it has lost weight.

alicegirl on 2012-05-05
I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I to wish I had read the reviews. But I will keep you posted!!!

Nita on 2012-01-25
G.I. Pure did nothing for me. I guess I will stick with Fat Burning Furnace. This is the only system that made me lose weight.

ando on 2012-01-17
I orderd GI Pure back in Augest 2011 and receiced it September 10. I started using it right away as instructed until the last capsel was used hoping that it would take effect. Well I went though all three bottles and I gained 5 Lbs. I called to get instructions to return the empty bottles and was told that I was passed the time limit. I know I should have returned it sooner but I had high hopes.In the future I will check the reviews first . That is the key. Check first. Man is my wife mad at me for wasting that money.

R.Ocana on 2011-12-10
Order Gi Pure on August 28 2011. The Gi Pure allows 90 to see if product works for you or you are suppose to be entitled for a refund. I purchased 4 bottles 2 for me and 2 for a friend. I took the pills for 45 days and the friend took them for 56 days. We HAVE HAD NO WEIGHT LOSS! I send in for a refund and the company has not return a check or a phone call. It has been 2 months. When you call in to there customer service number it is too a third party that manages that financial part for then a

Dukes on 2011-11-20
After taking them for a month I'm not sure what they're suppose to but I'll tell you what they don't do. They don't do a damn thing!! I still the same weight I was before taking the pills.

Joyce on 2011-08-01

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