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Proxica Anti-Aging Liquid Reviews
Brand: Proxica
Category: Anti-Aging
Type: Liquid
Official Site: Proxica
2.3/5 (128 votes total)

Does Proxica work? Is Proxica a Scam? Find out the truth behind Proxica and what consumers have to say.

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Proxica Review

The principal component of PROXICA is ORGANIC SILICA, which plays a fundamental role in the functioning of our organism. This trace element is essential for the health of our organs. This is why our bodies naturally produce Organic Silica for its immune defense system. But this store of natural Organic Silica diminishes inexorably with age. By the age of 60, the body has lost 70% of its provision of Organic Silica. By the age of 70, only 10% to 15% remains. This makes us weaker and more susceptible to a whole range of illnesses.

With PROXICA, you will restore your body’s supply of Organic Silica after just a few days... From that moment on, whatever illness or pain currently affecting you will diminish with every use, day by day!


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Proxica Reviews - Does Proxica Really Work?

I ordered this product and used it for about six week with no expected results whatsoever, so I would like to return what I have left for a refund and ask that you take my name from your auto ship list. In fact I'm returning the last auto ship bottle you sent me.

J. Robert Horner on 2016-01-19
Am a first time user one month. Legs are lighter Felt like stilts before. Will stay on it for now for sure

anne warkentin on 2014-09-16
i ordered proxica system 3 months ago.... but it didn't work for me. My skin did not get tighter as promised... and my joint pain did not go away either. Very disappointing. I also ordered Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty CREME DE SERUM and found it worked way better then expected. It did not help with my joint pain but my skin just feels wonderful... its not expensive and sold on Amazon. you can get the details on amazon.com

joanna g. on 2014-05-23
proxica did not work for me.. in fact I had serious heart problems taking it

martha on 2013-11-03
I was going to order Proxica and went to the website. I noticed they also sell male enlargement pills. That tells me this is a bull shit company and they will sell and bull shit idea that is the latest phase. Stay away!!

Glen S on 2012-05-30
I used Proxica for 4 months. After the third month I called the company and asked why I did not feel improvement. I was told to continue for one more month. I did this and was not satisfied with Proxica. This was a clever ploy by the company as after 90 days the guarantee ran out. I called customer service and they said to write a letter with my request for a refund. I did this and have not received any reply in four weeks. I walk six days each week for an average of 80 minutes and my feet are tender. I was hoping this product would help. Future customers. Do not expect co- operation from this company.

Philip L. Flint on 2012-01-03

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