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Brand: Rexbull
Category: Male Enhancement
Type: Pill
2.2/5 (49 votes total)

Does Rexbull work? Is Rexbull a Scam? Find out the truth behind Rexbull and what consumers have to say.

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Rexbull Review

Male enhancement is a serious business because sexual dysfunction is a serious problem. Erection problems, less than desired penis size, lack of libido, premature and delayed ejaculation - all can wreck a marriage or relationship, and damage your self-esteem.

Rexbull male enhancement pills claim to have an ingredient in them that will turn you into a "furiously devastating". Many consumers that have tried this product think otherwise.


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If you've been suffering from any form of ED (Erectile Dysfunction), I have good news for you: It's Not Your Fault.

This is because you've been fed LIES by the pharmaceutical industry and the mainstream media about the root causes of ED, and how you can truly fix it permanently!

In fact, a scientific study recently proved there is a safe, easy, all-natural way you can once again achieve rock-hard erections that will make the lady in your life stare at your manhood in wide-eyed wonder.

Rexbull Reviews - Does Rexbull Really Work?

Ordered Rexbull back in July, my check was cashed, yet no product ever received. Two phone calls and I was told first that because I paid by check, it takes a little longer to process. Called a month later, was told a different department handles personal payment orders versus credit cards. All I know is I paid the money, you cashed my damn check, and I have no product. Either pay me back or I will contact the Better Business Bureau on your business. Seems several have had the same problem.

Mark T on 2013-09-07
I ordered 1 bottle of REXBULL over a month ago and they cashed my ck. but I have not received the product to try. I have no adress or phone no. Can you help me conyact them to see what happen? Thank you Dante

Dante Cimorelli on 2012-09-26
I sent for this product a month ago and still haven't received anything! Further research tells me that even if I do get something, I'm better off not taking it!

Dick Plunger on 2012-09-05
i ordered & paid for three month supply of the little red pill as shown in the rexbull ad brochure. It took two months to receive product, but not the product ordered. instead was sent a bunch of blister packs full of yellow pills, that by the way do absolutely nothing, & no content information either ... so what's in these? BJA

Bobby Joe Allen on 2012-05-08
I sent a check for one bottle of rexbull on 1/25/2012. It's not been cashed and have heard nothing.

joe b on 2012-02-11

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