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Brand: InnerVital
Category: Stop Smoking
Type: Pill
Official Site: InnerVital
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Does Zivantix work? Is Zivantix a Scam? Find out the truth behind Zivantix and what consumers have to say.

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Zivantix Review

How Zivantix It Works? Nicotine is the substance responsible for fooling your brain into releasing a “pleasure” chemical called dopamine. Nicotine receptors on your nerve endings receive the dopamine and create “happy” nerve cells. The dopamine gives you a false sense of well-being and soon the body wants more and more on a regular basis. This is the beginning of the physical addiction.

Zivantix acts on the “nicotine receptors” in your body and effectively fools it into thinking it’s getting more nicotine, while keeping you calm and relaxed during nicotine withdrawal.

And most importantly your body will begin to eliminate the nicotine stored in your cells. Most of the harmful effects of smoking will start to disappear once you stop smoking completely.

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